Since offshore oil & gas drilling and production moved into waterdepths where fixed platforms could not be used and floating structures became necessary, anchoring technology has taken a dramatic flight. Originally being gravity based as clump objects, the weight of the anchor has become less important whilst the shape and installation method have proven to be more important for increasing holding capacity.

Since the early seventies, Vryhof Anchors has been one of the main pioneers in efficient design and manufacture of ultra high holding power anchors for the larger floating offshore structures. From the original Stevin anchor that held a then revolutionary 25 times its own weight to the latest Stevpris designs that have even been tested to generate over 100 times its own weight in holding capacity. The Stevpris and Stevmanta drag anchors are clearly the most cost efficient anchors available in the market today.

Oil & Gas exploration is steadily moving into deeper waters and harsher conditions with larger floating structures. Vryhof Anchors is dedicated to continue to develop anchoring techniques, driven by these increasing market requirements.

Proud to be market leader and industry benchmark, Vryhof Anchors will continue to drive technology forward, with the highest focus on customer satisfaction.

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