Code of Conduct

Operating on a global basis, Vryhof Anchors is fully committed to comply with international business standards. This is part of our corporate culture which is based on the value of trust, transparency, reliability and fairness in our dealings with employees and business partners. The term ‘business partners’ should be taken to mean all entities or individuals with which our company enters into a business relationship, and includes suppliers, consultants, agents, joint venture partners, lobbyists and other intermediaries.

Since it is our responsibility to ensure that our products and/or services are created in a value chain compliant to international standards, we have summarized our expectations regarding labor, health and safety, environment and business ethics in the Vryhof Anchors Code of Conduct.

Please note that compliance with the Vryhof Anchors Code of Conduct is regarded an essential prerequisite for business relations between Vryhof Anchors and its business partners. From 1st of November onwards, for all employees and business partners of Vryhof Anchors this Code of Conduct applies.

The ten principles in the Vryhof Anchors Code of Conduct are:

  • 1. We comply with laws
  • 2. We respect our colleagues
  • 3. We ensure healthy and safe working conditions
  • 4. We protect our assets and confidential information
  • 5. We respect fundamental human rights
  • 6. We never make illegal payments
  • 7. We select our business partners carefully
  • 8. We avoid conflicts of interest
  • 9. We compete fairly
  • 10. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner

More information

For further information regarding this Code of Conduct please send an email to

Vryhof Anchors
Karel Doormanweg 7
3115 JD Schiedam
The Netherlands

T: +31 10 266 8900