Quality management

Vryhof Anchors is a NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified company by DNV. This quality system has been implemented throughout the whole company, from design to manufacturing and supply of anchors including all other activities of Vryhof Anchors.

Vryhof Anchors works in close cooperation with the Classification Authorities such as DNV, ABS, LRS and BV. Anchors and mooring line components are supplied with requested classification certificates. Vryhof Anchors has obtained ABS and DNV Type Approvals for the Stevpris anchors. For other anchor types design approvals can be obtained. The Vryhof Anchors Quality Assurance Manual describes the QA procedures.

Vryhof Anchors management policy is to fulfill client's requirements by:

  • Maintaining a quality system in accordance with the requirements of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008
  • Implementing a continuous dialogue with the organization in order to achieve full understanding of the importance of the quality system
  • Deliver goods on time according to customer requirement
  • Guaranteeing that all Vryhof Anchors employees and subcontractors act according to company policy
  • Striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Final responsibility for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality system is in the hands of the CEO.

Peter Uitbeijerse

ISO 9001 registered

Vryhof Anchors
Karel Doormanweg 7
3115 JD Schiedam
The Netherlands

T: +31 10 266 8900