Anchors: Stevmanta VLA

The Stevmanta Vertical Loaded Anchor (VLA) was designed to allow uplift at the anchor point, which is required in semi-taut or taut leg mooring systems.

The Stevmanta installs as a normal drag embedment anchor but the patented angle adjuster system changes the anchor from installation mode to mooring mode, resulting in an instant 3,5 factor of increase in holding capacity. It is the most cost efficient, lightest and smallest deepwater anchor available in the market today and since its introduction in 1996 hundreds of permanent and mobile moorings have been succssfully performed worldwide.

The advantages of using the Stevmanta VLAs in a mooring spread are clear;

  • minimum engineering required
  • anchors adjust to soil characteristics
  • light weight, easy to install from one AHV
  • provides holding power of 3.5 times the pull-in load
  • deploys like a conventional anchor
  • safe taut leg mooring

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