Tensioning equipment

The proof loading of a permanent mooring system for a.o. CALM buoys and FPSOs is critical for a system's certification. The proof loads are typically 80% of the design load so that substantial crane/winch capacity or bollard pull is required. The use of the Vryhof Anchors Stevtensioner for subsea tensioning offers significant time and cost benefits as it reduces the required installation load up to 60%. As a result mooring installations can be performed from anchor handlers or modest crane barges.

The Benefits

  • Reduces required installation load up to 60%.
  • Avoids the need for bollard pull or winch capacity in excess of the installation load.
  • Enables the installation of mooring systems with smaller anchor handlers or crane barges.
  • For all types of anchor points and mooring systems, including non-chain mooring systems.
  • Subsea tensioning equipment is compact in size, even suitable for mobilizing by air freight.
  • Cross-tensioning opposed anchors, reduces the number of tensioning operations required, taking typically 6 hours from connecting to de-rigging.
  • An all-in rental package includes engineering, hardware and supervision of operations.
  • A typical CALM buoy with a 6-point mooring system only requires 3 tensioning operations.

Vryhof Anchors tensioners:

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