Tensioning equipment: Stevtensioner VA 600 & VA 1000 & VA 1250

The Stevtensioner is a chain shortening clutch with the active mooring chain connected on one side and a reaction chain running through it. The design of the Vryhof Anchors Stevtensioner, makes a vertical pull to induce more than double of the horizontal pull. A repeatedly heaving up and slacking the Stevtensioner in yo-yo action builds up the load in the mooring chain until the required tension is achieved. Vryhof Anchors tensioning services are available on rental basis. The rental package includes the Stevtensioner, a measurement pin, an acoustic load pin, the umbilical and the read-out unit. Customers may also contract a Vryhof Anchors offshore installation supervisor.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduces required installation loads up to 60%
  • Enables anchor installations with smaller anchor handling vessels
  • Reduces installation time with 35 to 40%
  • Cross tensioning two opposed anchors simultaneously
  • Reduced installation cost

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