Enabling installations

Enabling installations

The proof loading of a permanent mooring system for CALM buoys and FPSOs is critical for a system’s certification. The proof loads are typically 80-100% of the design load so that substantial bollard pull capacity is required. The use of the STEVTENSIONER® for subsea tensioning offers significant cost benefits as it reduces the required load by typically 60%. As a result mooring installations can be performed from modest anchor handlers or crane barges.

Features & specifications of the STEVTENSIONER®

The STEVTENSIONER® is basically a chain shortening clutch with the mooring chain connected on one side and a reaction chain running through it. A vertical pull can induce more than double that pull in the horizontal leg. Repeatedly heaving up and slacking the STEVTENSIONER® in a yo-yo action builds up the load in the mooring chain until the required tension is achieved. Typically 5-7 cycles are sufficient.

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